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The Heritage Passages Live Virtual Museum app for GPS-enabled smartphones lets you experience the rich history of early Bytown from the site of the Rideau Canal itself. Load the app, and the canal's Entrance Valley becomes an open-air museum, providing on-site access to the stories and archival materials in our web exhibit directly from significant locations along the canal. Explore the area at your own pace and the Live Virtual Museum will tag along, presenting the canal's history and features through the stories, images, and animated reconstructions most relevant to the landscape around you.

You can also try our Forgotten Worker Quest, in which you choose your own adventure to find secret locations and unlock important museum artifacts hidden around the canal. Learn what life was like for the immigrant workers who built the canal, while avoiding the virtual hazards, dead ends, and harsh working conditions.

Both the Live Virtual Museum and Forgotten Worker Quest begin at the north side of the Wellington Street Bridge in downtown Ottawa, although the apps will sense your location anywhere within the area surrounding Entrance Valley, indicated on the map below. Just click one of the buttons below to launch either app in your mobile browser. And most importantly, have fun!

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Heritage Passages Live Virtual Museum app map