Transcript of video: Hauling, Setting, and Sealing the Stone Lock Walls

Video of a watercolour painting by Thomas Burrowes that documents workers constructing one of the lock stations. The video begins by showing the painting in its entirety, depicting the lock under construction in the right foreground, a river dividing the scene, and men working away on other side of the riverbank to the left. The area has been mostly cleared of timber, and is rendered in earthen tones. In the background can be seen a collection of small wood buildings, rapids with footbridge crossing and a forested tree line beyond. Stumps are visible protruding from the ground, and a workforce of about 20 men is scattered throughout the scene. The view then zooms in to the right side of the painting, where a group of men are busy working on the stone masonry of the lock walls. A block-and-tackle system can be seen spanning the lock, consisting of vertical wooden struts with ropes and pulleys and powered with the assistance of winches. This was used to navigate stones into their proper position, as were wooden ramps, one of which can be seen in the foreground.  The view then fades to black. Video is 16 seconds in duration.

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