Transcript of video: Streets of Bytown

Video of an historical map of Bytown, dated December 4, 1842, and a watercolour painting of Upper Town, looking along Wellington Street and up towards Barrack Hill. The video begins by showing the map of Bytown in its entirety, drawn in black ink demarking all streets and property boundaries. The words “Plan of Bytown, Shewing the exact Situation of every Street and Lot” are highlighted and enlarged. The view then zooms into the area surrounding Barrack Hill, and fades to the watercolour painting, focused in on the hospital. The view then slowly zooms out, revealing a row of two- and three-storey wood clad buildings along Wellington Street. Sidewalks made of boards are visible, as is a hotel sign to the bottom right, and a stagecoach with horse. The view then fades to black. Video is 25 seconds in duration.

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