Transcript of video: Wrightsville

Video of an oil portrait of Philemon Wright, founder of Wrightsville, and a watercolour painting of the town itself. The video begins by showing the portrait of Wright, who is dressed in a black, collared jacket with white silk cravat. The subject is lit in high contrast, illuminated against a stark, dark brown background. The view then zooms in and focuses on Wright’s face, showing a man with greyed hair cut close and combed back, with well-defined features and brown eyes. The view then fades to a painting of Wrightsville, rendered in watercolour. The view is looking southeast, with several mill buildings visible in the foreground, and Chaudière Falls to the right. Part of the bridge to Upper Canada is visible, with a horse-drawn cart about to cross, while two pedestrians stroll down the footpath which runs across the scene.  The view then zooms into the right side of the painting, focusing on a saw-mill and a scattering of commercial buildings. The view then fades to black. Video is 20 seconds in duration.

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