Transcript of video: By’s Plans to Fortify Barrack Hill

Video of proposed fortification maps for Barrack Hill, as well as a 3D model of the area as it may have looked in the mid-nineteenth century. The video begins by showing a military map of Barrack Hill, rendered in watercolour on paper darkened with age. Survey elevations are denoted in red ink. The view then fades to a map of fortifications for the area, conceived as a defensive pentagon-shaped citadel by Lt. Col. John By, and drawn in black ink. The view then fades back to the first map, zooming out to show the map in its entirety, and revealing features such as Entrance Valley, the Bytown Locks, Sappers Bridge and Major’s Hill Park. The view then fades to a 3D model from the same aerial perspective. The view spirals inwards in a counter-clockwise motion, focusing on Barrack Hill and ending with a west facing orientation. The three barrack buildings on the Hill are visible, along with a cookhouse, guardhouse, and stables. A wooden picket fence bounds the property while the Bytown Locks, stone quarry, Sappers Bridge and parts of Upper and Lower Town are visible. The view then fades to black. Video is 31 seconds in duration.

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