Transcript of video: Bytown Barracks

Video of a 3D rendered model of Barrack Hill, and a set of architectural drawings for a typical barrack building. The video begins with an aerial perspective looking east out over the Hill, showing three barracks, a stable, cookhouse, guardhouse, and hospital. Lower Town is visible in the background, and Entrance Valley can be seen to the far left. The view then circles slowly counter-clockwise around Barrack Hill, focusing on the barracks, then zooms in head-on to frame the centre structure. The typical barrack is a two-storey building made of stone, with a  slate hip roof and dormers. A series of evenly spaced windows run around the ground level, which is covered by a covered porch. The main door is located squarely in the middle of the facade.  The view then fades to an architectural elevation, section, and plan view of the building, drawn in black ink, with dimensions, and detailing interior partitions, window placements, and wall thicknesses. The view then fades to black. Video is 36 seconds in length.

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