Transcript of video: The Development of Lower Town

Video of an historical map of Bytown, dated December 4, 1842, a watercolour painting looking out over the canal from Barrack Hill to Lower Town, and a rendered 3D model of Lower Town itself. The video begins by showing the map of Bytown in its entirety, drawn in black ink demarking all streets and property boundaries. The view then zooms in to the area of Lower Town, and then fades to a rendered 3D model of the same area, looking north along Sussex Street. Visible to the right are several blocks of houses and shops, and the canal and Entrance Valley to the left. The view then sweeps around Upper Town in a clockwise motion, past the Notre Dame Basilica and back outwards across the canal. The view ends looking out from Barrack Hill to Lower Town, then fades to a watercolour painting of the same view.  The Commissariat building and Ordnance Office can be seen at the bottom, including the canal. A white steamboat is floating in one of the locks, and a group of children watch its progress in the foreground from atop Barrack Hill. In the background, the expanse of Lower Town stretches out to the horizon on a summer day, with the Basilica clearly visible to the left.  Kiln towers and various industrial buildings can be seen towards the right. The view slowly zooms in then fades to black. The Video is 50 seconds in duration.

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