Transcript of video: Map Showing Lt. Col. By’s Residence

Video of a map detailing the area surrounding Lt. Col. John By’s residence, dated December 24, 1830, and a rendered 3D model of the same area. The video begins by showing the map in its entirety, oriented towards the east, drawn with black ink with hills rendered in grey watercolour. The canal and Entrance Valley are rendered in blue, while land reserved for military purposes is outlined in red ink. The view zooms into the middle of the document, focusing on Lt. Col. By’s house, while the words “C.R.E. Quarters destroyed by fire 6th Oct. 1848” are highlighted and enlarged. The Commissariat and Ordnance Office are visible, as is the limestone quarry and steamboat launch. The view then fades to black. Video is 16 seconds in duration.

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