Transcript of video: The Commissariat Building

Video of a watercolour of Entrance Valley, focusing on the Commissariat building, with a rendered 3D model of the same area. The video begins by showing a painting of Entrance Valley, looking southeast towards the canal from Major’s Hill Park, with Sappers Bridge, Barrack Hill, the steamboat launch, and the Bytown Locks visible. The view then zooms into the Commissariat building, a three storey rectangular stone building, with peaked slate roof, side dormers and large arched wooden doors. The building itself is slightly raised above the level of the locks, with a stone retaining wall. The view fades to a rendered 3D model of the same perspective and rotates around the building. Part of Upper Town can be seen over the crest of Barrack Hill, as well as part of the locks, showing winch machinery used to operate the sluice gates. As the view rotates further, it comes to rest facing down the length of the canal, with the Commissariat building to the left of the foreground, and both Entrance Valley and Lower Canada visible in the background. The view then fades to black. Video is 23 seconds in duration.

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