Transcript of video: Ordnance Office

Video of a 3D rendered model of the area surrounding the Ordnance Office, and a set of architectural drawings from the period showing floor plans. The video begins with an aerial perspective looking to the southeast, focusing on the Ordnance Office. The quarry used for sourcing stone is visible to the top right, while a portion of the locks can be seen to the bottom right. The building itself is a three storey rectangular stone building, with a slate clad gabled roof and dormers. A balcony is built up above the centre bay door on the side facing the canal, which provides access to the second bay door above it. All windows and doors are made of wood. The view rotates up and around to face northwest, then fades to a watercolour drawing of the third storey plan. The main walls are rendered in red ink; shelving is shown as yellow and interior partitions in black line work. Text descriptions are provided in cursive, with black ink. As the view starts scrolling down the page, the words “Ordnance Store Room” are highlighted and enlarged, followed by “Engineer Store Room.” Further down, the words “Ground Story” are highlighted and enlarged. The view then comes to a stop, while the words “Ordnance Store” are highlighted and enlarged. The view then fades to black. The Video is 37 seconds in duration.

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