Transcript of video: Plan of the Line of the Rideau Canal

Video of an historical map detailing the route of the Rideau Canal from Lake Ontario to the Ottawa River, by Lt. Col. John By, dated February 5, 1829. The video begins by showing the map in its entirety, drawn in faded black ink, with all waterways rendered in a blue watercolour wash. Also depicted at the bottom left is a section drawing showing relative heights for each lock station, and on the bottom left is a cost estimate chart for each portion of the canal. The words “Plan of the Line of the Rideau Canal, Lt. Col By, Commanding Royal Engineer” are highlighted and enlarged, while a red dotted line traverses the entire length of the canal route, from left to right. The view then zooms to the left hand side of the document, focusing on Lake Ontario and Kingston. The view then pans slowly along the canal route, with all major lakes, waterways and roads. Lock stations are denoted in red ink. The view ends at the right hand side of the document, focusing on Bytown and the Ottawa River, then fades to black.  Video is 40 seconds in duration.

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