Transcript of video: Tour of the Eight Bytown Locks

Video of a rendered 3D model of the eight locks, as well as drawings by Lt. Col. John By including plans and sections. The video begins in Entrance Valley, looking head-on along the line of the canal. The view pans forward over the locks, with the Ordnance Office on the left, the Commissariat building on the right, and Sappers Bridge centred on the horizon. Each lock gate is clearly visible, made of heavy timber. Details such as the sluice winches can also be seen. As the view moves forward and towards Sappers Bridge, the focus shifts downwards and transitions into an aerial perspective. The view then stops and fades to a drawing by Lt. Col. John By showing plans and sections of the eight locks, rendered in faded grey and red watercolour and black ink line work. The view zooms into a plan detailing a typical door and sluice layout, then fades back to an aerial perspective of the rendered 3D model, this time oriented looking down the canal to Entrance Valley. The view then swings around the locks, pausing again as it skirts the stone quarry. The view then fades to By's drawing, showing plans and sections of the eight locks. The view zooms into a typical longitudinal lock section, including sluice and door position, then fades back to the rendered 3D model. The view continues to rotate and zoom in, until it is looking upwards along the canal in the direction of Sappers Bridge, while one of the lock gates fills the frame. The view then fades back to the drawing, and zooms into a typical transverse lock section, showing low and high water levels in blue watercolour and with the dimensions in red ink. The view then fades to black. Video is 59 seconds in duration.

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